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Queen/Ontario Retention Structure


Queen/Ontario Retention Structure

The Queen/Ontario Retention Structure project involved the design, construction, and installation of a retention structure at the intersection of Queen Street and Ontario Street in downtown Toronto. The purpose of the structure was to protect the brick wall of a heritage-listed building from the impact of a newly constructed building inside. It is common in downtown Toronto to see high-rise skyscrapers with lower sections that retain brick walls dating back to the 1890s

Design Phase:

  1. Load Analysis: The project commenced with a comprehensive load analysis of the area to assess the risk of collapse and determine the required capacity of the retention structure.
  2. Design: Based on the contract drawing, conceptual designs were developed for the retention structure, considering factors such as size, shape, and location to optimize load management.
  3. Engineering and Permitting: Detailed engineering drawings were prepared, and permits were obtained to ensure compliance with municipal regulations and environmental standards.

Construction Phase:

  1. Fabrication: According to the design, the structural steel materials were fabricated in United Steel’s shop. The materials were then primed, painted and delivered to site.
  2. Tower Installation: The installation of the retention structure began with the placement of the towers, followed by connecting them with beam angle braces. Assembled on-site, the structure primarily utilizes bolted connections

  3. Installation of Stabilization Props: To prevent the collapse of the brick wall, a pulling and pushing system was employed to secure the formwork in position.


Commissioning and Handover:

  1. Final Inspections: Upon completion of construction, final inspections were conducted to verify compliance with design requirements and regulatory standards.
  2. Client Training: Training sessions were provided to relevant stakeholders on the operation and maintenance of the retention structure, including procedures for monitoring and responding to storm events.
  3. Project Handover: The Queen/Ontario Retention Structure was officially handed over to the municipal authorities, with documentation provided detailing its design, construction, and operational specifications.
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  • 14/08/2023

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